Climate Engineering

A critical review of proposals, their scientific and political context, and possible impacts.

compiled for Scientists For Global Responsibility, November 1996

Ben Matthews

Recent Note

Over four years have now passed since I wrote my original Climate Engineering Review in 1996, during which time the situation has evolved considerably. Some of the predictions in this paper are already closer to becoming reality, whilst others turned out to be only passing concerns - it seems there is now a much clearer distinction between "realistic" and "wild" ideas.

Since many people have referred to this paper, I leave it available here in its original form. I am well aware, however, that an "what's new" update is long overdue. Unfortunately I currently have neither time nor funding to carry this out, although I continue to collect ideas, references etc. with an update in mind. Meanwhile my focus is on developing the java climate model.

Ben Matthews, spring 2001

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