Climate Train - Acknowledgements

The Climate Train gratefully acknowledges financial support from:

The European Commission DGXI (Global Environment)
Charity Know How
Edward Goldsmith
Reuter Foundation
Polden Puckham Foundation
Scurrah Wainwright Trust
Austrian Ministry of the Environment
Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Rowan Trust

Many donations in kind and other smaller grants are listed in the budget chapter.

We also expect to receive a grant from the Netherlands Ministry of the Environment -see note in budget.

This report was compiled by Ben Matthews with great assistance from Michelle Valentine.

The "ecobalance" chapter is taken from the leaflet and calculations prepared by Dietrich Brockhagen. The media coverage list was collected by Dani Kaye. The accounts summarised in the budget chapter are the result of many weeks of work by Kate Maloney, Ben Matthews and Michelle Valentine with initial help from Sean Hughes and guidance from Phil Webber. The evaluation chapter was drafted by Richard Scrase who together with Yuri Dubliansky collected the questionaires from which many quotations have been derived. Quotes from Siberian participants have also been taken from the report compiled by Sergei Pashenko.

Photographs were contributed by many participants of the Climate Train, particularly Michelle Valentine, Sergei Pashenko, OrasTynkynnen, Ben Matthews, Richard Schofield, and Alexander Kuzmenko.

We should also acknowledge here the many months of voluntary work by people in many countries who helped to organise the Climate Train project before our departure, particularly Britta Coy of Greencity, Amy Taylor of ISAR, and Toru Takei and Fumie Haruyama of ASEED Japan, as well as several people from SGR who have already been mentioned above. There are too many others to list everybody here, but they appear in this report in the story of "How the Climate Train came to happen" and the full scale of this effort is demonstrated by the list of voluntary work in the budget chapter, which also describes many donations in kind.

Our main conferences on route were hosted by by the Social Ecological Union in Moscow, ISAR Siberia and the Siberian Ecological Foundation in Novosibirsk, and the Agrometeorological Institute in Beijing.
In Japan we were helped enormously by ASEED Japan and the Cool Earth Campaign..

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