Are you searching the web for cheap flights, bargain airfares? Look no further! Just two clicks on the map (right) will show you the price of any journey!
Perhaps you're thinking of flying off to a warmer climate, basking in the sun, listening to the waves from your bedroom?
Or maybe you're looking for something more unusual? - Visit deserts which were once the cradles of ancient civilisations, see rivers of ice crack and flow down mountain slopes, or paddle through flooded forests...
Maybe you're visiting old friends or bringing some warmth to your grandchildren far away,
Or are you jetting off to an business meeting or an international conference, to play your part in shaping the future of our planet?
Yes, that's right, whatever your reason, all you have to do to make the world warmer is get in a plane!
CO2, NOx, and H2O emissions from aircraft
contribute substantially to the greenhouse effect. So, as this melts the icecaps, the sea-level will rise, drowning those coral islands, flooding those forests, perhaps bringing the waves right into your bedroom. Meanwhile advancing deserts and freak storms may destroy our farms and cities. Will our grandchildren thank us for the exciting warm world they inherit?
Flying is also the cheapest way to cook the planet -it's tax-free!. But it's still your choice, there are alternatives, you don't have to fly. Explore the links on this page to find out more....